Saturday 19 September @ 3pm

Event Cinemas, Grafton Street



Saturday 13 May, 10.00am-12.00pm

Cairns Revival Centre, 58 Arthur Street, Manunda


You are invited to join this award winning a cappella quartet in an amazing workshop that will take you all the way from how to prepare your body and voice to performing and polishing a unique a cappella arrangement.


The workshop will include:


Warm-ups: The participants are taken through a wide range of warm-ups including a full body warm-up, diaphragm exercises, larynx exercises and some brain warm-ups that include pitching and timing techniques in unison and in canon.


Harmony: TION then teaches a selection of four part exercises to work on part holding and blend. The syllables, notes and timing of the exercise are altered throughout to test the group and ingrain pitching and blending techniques.


Songs/Excerpts: After these techniques have been introduced, TION then teaches the group a song (or part of a song) in four-part harmony, either by ear or through the use of sheet music (depending on time frame and standard of participants). Throughout this process the principles introduced in the rest of the workshop come into play and are applied to the piece. An arrangement is made of the piece and is sung through in its final form as many times as there is time for, with specific improvements/exercises added.


Question Time: With the remaining time, TION opens the floor for questions from the participants, often including sung demonstrations from the group. If there is time, TION then finishes by singing a final song.



This workshop is organised and subsidised by Soul Song Choir for the benefit of the community. Soul Song will not be profiting from this workshop.


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