Singing makes us feel better, and some funky science has also proved that singing is really good for you.


Each time we sing, we release endorphins that lift us, anti-stress hormones that calm us and take in tons of oxygen for better circulation.


It doesn't matter how well we sing or how good a sound we make, we sing because we like the feeling!


But what's more exciting is that singing in a group has even more benefits for your physical and mental health.


So, as we can't fit 70 people in your shower or car - those 'safe' places where we know you like to sing - we invite you to come and join lots of other former secret singers (as well as some not so secret singers) and see how it feels to sing your shower songs with other people just like you!

how we do it

Everything about Soul Song is designed to make life easy for you.  We know you're busy so there are no committees and no expectation for you to come to every single rehearsal - you just come when you feel like singing.


What's even better is that there are no auditions and you don't even have to be able to read music.   We teach all the songs by ear in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and we provide you with all the lyrics you need as well as some additional resources for those who want to practice on their own during the week.


The songs we sing are generally pop songs from all eras but with some traditional gospel, motown and soul thrown in.  We sing generally in three or four part harmony and with either professional backing tracks or a cappella (which means without instruments).

our director

Soul Song was founded and is run by Jacqueline Larsen, an experienced singer, musician, performer and director.


Jacqueline teaches predominantly by ear so that members do not need to be able to read music but in some arrangements will also provide music and help those who want to learn how to read.


She spends a lot of time creating arrangements that will work from both the perspective of the audience and singer and works with a great team of musicians to build accompaniments that add life and flavour to the arrangements.  She also records learning tracks for most Soul Song pieces so that members can chose to practice in their own time if they want to.



Jacqueline started learning the violin at three years of age and music has been in her blood ever since.  Piano and singing followed the violin lessons and Jacqueline completed all theory and Royal Associated Academy of Music Board exams in singing with distinction in the UK before leaving school.


Jacqueline ran her first choir of over 90 mixed voices whilst studying at Edinburgh University. Defined as a rock-gospel choir, this group provided her with her first real taste of arranging and conducting for a big voice choir and quickly established a passion.


Since moving to Australia in 2001,  Jacqueline has been a part of a barbershop quartet and a gold medal winning barbershop chorus before becoming musical director for Take Note, a female contemporary singing group in Perth.


Arriving in Cairns in 2008,  Jacqueline joined the Cairns Choral Society in their production of Miss Saigon and then went on to act as Musical Director for the newly formed Come Alive! Performing Arts.


In August 2010 she established Soul Soul with the aim of creating a relaxed, accepting and fun place for people of any age and musical ability to be able to come together and sing good, uplifting, fun and funky music.


In January 2012 she took on the role as Choir Leader for Song Connection, a Cairns based choir for the disadvantaged and in April 2012 she is launched Teen Soul Song to provide a safe, fun place for teenagers to sing pop music in a choral format.


Jacqueline is a professional performer and as well as leading the choirs she sings and plays bass as part of She Sharp.


Aside from her musical activities, Jacqueline has a background of 12+ years in corporate event production which has seen her win two national awards.  She also runs a successful copywriting, editing and graphic design business and had her first work of children’s fiction published in April 2011.


Jacqueline is a natural presenter and regularly delivers workshops on singing and creative thinking as she works to inspire others to find their voice.


We are a non-religious group of people from all backgrounds and with all levels of musical experience.


Our singers are teachers, electricians, nurses, lawyers, business owners, students and retail workers.


 But when they sing with Soul Song, their day time identity doesn't matter - they become part of the Soul Song family.





get in touch

  • Soul Song Celebration, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Sat 7 November

Soul Song is available to perform at:

  • Weddings
  • Community Events / Festivals
  • Flashmobs
  • Team building workshops
  • Retirement villages



Soul Song is available to deliver:

  • Corporate and / or community team building workshops
  • Festival singing workshops
  • School performance workshops
  • Singing for the brain workshops

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